Sunday, 13 December 2009

We have Cake!

To Write - It has to be a real tree and it has to reach the ceiling! Luckily we have low ceilings . The tree this year looked so small at the Farm, but now it's decorated it looks huge. I think the tree is probably the thing I look forward to most at Christmas, well, that and stollen. As far as the Remembering sections goes, there are no rituals / traditions relating to the tree. Just buying it a present every year.

To Photograph - Well, D'oh. I did the Christmas tree stuff yesterday! So, no pictures today.

To Do - Buy the Cake, the Pudding and various bits and bobs.

To Make - a few tags and an IOU card.

It's all getting very festive here!

Stitches & ricrac by Stacey Towers

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