Monday, 14 December 2009

Decision Made

I'm going to have to quit the Sarah's Cards kit. It's a shame because it's always so good and has opened my eyes to different paper companies, but I've had three problems with them this past couple of months and I just don't want to be worrying about it every time I place an order.

Back in October I ordered some extra cardstock and only one piece arrived. I finally manged to get that sent on to me, but then the November kit arrived minus the Design Team leaflet, which includes a Kit Contents List. Not such a bad thing, but when I finally had a copy of that I discovered why that months kit wasn't as good as previous months, there was stuff missing.

This time I was missing a piece of card, a sheet of journalling tags and a die cut sheet. Have tried emailing, private messaging on the UKS forum and phoning. Nothing works.

If it was just that I was complaining about I'd be miffed, but I wouldn't be angry. However, this third problem is the one that as tipped me over into quitting the kit. Two and a half weeks ago I placed an order in their Sale and it's not arrived. I've certainly been charged for it as my bank statement makes that clear, but no product has arrived.

Of course, it's probably been shipped and is lost, but there's no way to track it. As far as I'm aware they just send them out in the regular post, which means they aren't tracked. This is what I find odd. They might be a small family-run business, but they're still a business and as such should be able to compensate their clients if there's a problem like this.

On the other hand, if I can't get hold of them, how are they supposed to help me? What kind of business is impossible to get hold of? Not one I want to give any more of my money too, that's for sure.

I will now be spending my money at ModScraps, Scrap Shed, Indigo Mill, and Gotta Craft. The last two named do kits (as long as you're quick off the mark!) and that's where I will be going in future. Gotta Craft were the company that introduced me to Wild Saffron by K&Co!

Ranting won't make her reply to me, or my stuff show up, but it makes me feel better.

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