Thursday, 31 December 2009

Holidays in Hand - End

Well, I think that's it for Holidays in Hand. After Christmas my picture taking abilities just stopped and I just can't take it anymore. All this tradition, special meaning and remembrances, all being forced out on certain days. It's not for me. At least I did better this year than I did last year with attempting to scrap a photo for each day of the month.

So. I need projects for next year. Perhaps Project 12 is the way to go? The first sketch is here and it's pretty good! The downside would be that I don't have the facilities to print out photos at home, so I would have to have a Photobox order each month, but I could count that as a treat.

The UKScrappers forum is having better Monthly Challenges next year. Doing the projects will win points for our Teams and let's face it, the Bijoux Belles are a points collecting Team, so that will be a must-do layout each month.

As I'll only be working Saturdays next year and have no idea what else to do, workwise, I do need some other things to occupy my mind, even if it is "just" scrapbook hobby stuff.

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