Friday, 18 December 2009

Home for a Holiday

To Write - "Christmas is all about getting. Getting all you can while the getting is good." Sally Brown, Peanuts.

It's all about far too much food and having a huge pile of presents to open. It's about having the shops full of tinsel before Halloween is even over. Hmm... I think I may have missed the whole "spirit" thing somewhere along the line. "Good-will" is a nice idea in theory, but just applying it at Christmas? I don't believe in that.

Forget all the fictious clap-trap and try and be a good person all year round. You don't need to believe in Christmas Sky Fairies to live a peaceful life.

To Photograph - I shall ignore the Prompt and give you instead this pretty picture of a robin in our snowy garden this morning:

Ribbon and brad by Stacey Towers

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