Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Twisted Sketches #59

I've not tried posting a layout from my iPhone before. No playing with it in Picasa and Paint Shop Pro, just direct from my craft table to my Blog!

Of couse, it also means I won't really know how it looks until I get online properly, but it's an experiment!

The Twist this week was "stars", of which there are three. Or four if  you count the huge star that is Melman.

Papers are by Scrap Within Reach, Industrial Park collection.

Monday, 26 July 2010


I've been practicing my layering! I like some better than others and
they do look better in real life.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Up Up and Away!

Haven't touched anything but the Kaisercraft for days! Here are the latest three - you need to click to enlarge:

The Breitling Wing Walkers do their wing walking at Duxford before the Flying Legends fly past. It all looked like great fun until you realise that they have to climb off the wings and back into the planes in mid-flight!

One of the balloons at Albuquerque. I took this one especially because of its patchwork look and thought it would be a fun one to scrap. It's taken me almost two years to get round to scrapping it! Used my Martha Stewart butterfly for the first time and adapted an idea from the Studio Calico blog. They suggested creating faux washi tape using the material tape you get from the pharmacy, I thought I'd give it a go by stamping onto masking tape. Seems to work!

Another balloon from Albuquerque. For more information on the Zia of New Mexico click here.

Very bizarrely all the photos on the layouts have brightened after I took their pictures! On the layouts the colours in the photos are much more muted as I used the desaturation technique on them. Running them through Picasa to sharpen them up seems to have brightened them up as well...


Came across Design*Sponge today in my general blog surfing at work. Some great things to look at and be inspired by, but most of all a City Guide to Bristol! There are some places listed there that I'd never even heard of.

Next trip home will certainly have to involve a trip to Mouse to Minx on Christmas Steps. Never even knew it was there.


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Storage Issues!

My new punches just arrived. They're too big, they take up too much
room! What on Earth am I going to do with them?!

They're pretty cool though... :)


One of the latest Kaisercraft lines is Up, Up & Away. Well, rather obvious that I'd have to have some of it, plenty of uses for balloony papers. I bought the clear stamps as well, they feature three balloons and a nice journalling ticket. Plenty of practical uses and hardly an indulgence!

Used Merly Impressions for the first time as they specialise in Kaisercraft and WOW! Awesome service. So quick, emails to let you know they've dispatched, such a simple thing and yet many companies don't do that. The package was parcelled perfectly as well, attention to detail! Not to mention her sending three of the Kaisercraft magazines as well. Such fun to browse through and get inspiration from.

This was my first time using Kaisercraft paper as well, but I can safely say that I'll be back to Kaisercraft AND Merly Impressions in the future.

One of the tips in the magazine was to desaturate photos so that they match the earthier tones of this collection. So I did. Here's a layout with an ex-bright photo that has been desaturated. It looks so much better like this.

Plastic Bullet

After a couple of recommendations on The Paperclipping Roundtable I bought myself Plastic Bullet for the iPhone and had a play last night with some of the photos I already had stored on her and I love it already!

Wing Walkers at Duxford.

Alex the Lion at Houghton Mill.

John and I on the Seine.

Paris Again and The South Bank

This first one I've made as a Companion Piece (oh yes, I watch too much Project Runway!) to Paris Monmartre
. There were quite a few offcuts that I wanted to use up rather than refile in my paper box and potentially forget all about.

I also used the negative image that I accidentally created when inking a doily for a layout that I seem to have forgotten to post. Anyway, I kept the inked paper as I figured I could use it at some point!

I can see now that it is massively missing journalling, so I may have to sort that out.

These are some of the elephants that we saw on the South Bank (we're in London now) after our trip to Macbeth at the Globe. The little elephants were on a paper of zoo creatures that I original bought because it has giraffes on, but now I've used the elephants and the lions!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Melman in Glasgow

Here's Melman holding the umbrella for us when we got so wet in the grounds of Pollockshaws Country Park. He's such a helpful giraffe! I've used some of the giraffe print ribbon that he got for me from Michael's last week.

More layering practice!

I've started following Christine Middlecamp who is a genius at layering (not to mention on the DT for one of my favourite paper ranges, Crate Paper) and am especially impressed with this: Embellished Paper Doily. I have them all tagged in Delicious to read and study later.

John brought a Somerset Studio magazine back from the States and that is full of inspiring things. Makes me want to get a proper journal and start an Art Journal properly rather than just messing around at it.

Tatty 1 and Tatty 2

I'm trying to do more with layering, journalling and putting things together myself rather than following sketches all the time. I made this for the latest weekly challenge at UK Scrappers. I should have added a third colour to the background, it's missing some Shabby Shutters! It's just Mustard Seed and Scattered Straw

Tried to cluster some journalling boxes, first time of trying this.

Chopped up and coloured in one stamp to make a cluster. Never tried this either!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Duxford 2010

One of the pictures that Daddy took at Duxford on the Sunday. The wing walkers getting off the wings and back into the planes!
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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Monday, 12 July 2010

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Car Boot 5

The sample book of buttons. All stitched to the pages with elastic.
This book isn't full, there's all sorts of random fixing samples in
the back. Half zips, stiffeners, small fabric patches etc. I don't
think they'll be usable. The fabric is probably too small even for

The buttons are good though!!

Car Boot 4

The sample book of lace. These are also stuck down on both ends, but
there's a book full of all kinds.

Car Boot 3

Small lengths of ribbons and trims. All are stuck to card, so have
glue on either end. Still, that won't matter in a lot of cases if just
a small piece is used on a layout.

Car Boot 2

Selection of button examples, only one of each, although they are in
sets of style or sizes of the same colour. Picture doesn't do justice
to the prettiness of the colours!

Car Boot 1

These are the beads Daddy found at a car boot sale! One of each, all

Friday, 9 July 2010

Evening Sky

Listening to The Real Thing in the distance, smelling a BBQ and
watching Mr Next Door water toms.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Paris - Montmartre

The using up of Scraps gave quite a boost to my Mojo. I suddenly came across papers that I'd forgotten, or used to love and hadn't realised that I still had bits left, or that I'd been hanging onto for particular projects and had kept putting off. This is one of those.

I saw these papers amongst Jo's stash and thought they'd be great for some of my Paris photos. Just never quite got round to it. Anyway, tidying up gave me the kick to do it and here it is:

Melman in Scotland

I seem to have had a run on scrapping Melman in Scotland, in 8.5 x 11 format, using up old scraps.

This picture was John's idea, Melman munching on the undergrowth in Princes Street Gardens!

This was supposed to be a grid background, but it went a bit wrong when I started to stick things down in the wrong places. Melman is now in Glasgow outside a House for an Art Lover.

This one is an attempt to use up lots of Sassafrass Lass. Lots of papers that I think I like, but I don't really. They're all far too busy and hard to work with. I've tried to use the sides that have simpler designs on for this.

Mainly made for a UKS Weekly Challenge in June.

And now an attempt to use up Junebug! John and Melman are in the cafe at Edinburgh Castle.

Twisted Sketches #55

A bit late in putting this one up, and I haven't done Twist #56 yet and #57 will be up today! Still, the twist was to use Flags, so I made some banners out of ribbon and came up with this:

The photos are all old shots of me, various quality, especially that one in the middle of my 7th Birthday!

Once again, I've used Jo's papers. Thanks Jo! These are all K&Co. paper snob in me wants to know what they're called and I think they may be Mira, but I'm not sure.

Road Trip ... there's still more!

A couple of pieces of what I call "Jo's Paper" because it came from her stash! I just had to have these two sheets, one of them with old American cars on and the other which was mainly a map of America with various bits of ephemera printed up one side. That sheet was just crying out to be chopped up and reassembled.

So that's what I did! I really should've taken a 'before' picture of the paper before I attacked it, but I forgot.

The photo isn't terribly clear, but I'm building a small stone cairn by the side of the road on the way into the Valley of Fire. Here's the cairn, I scrapped it as part of my Believe Mini Album:

The map tab came from my Teamie Sue, so thanks to both Jo and Sue for helping me to make this layout! :)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Scrap, Paper Scissors

Here's the layout that I made for the Saturday Sketch on the Scrap, Paper, Scissors Blog. I made a special effort in taking the photo... outside on one of John's small easels!

My parents, with their granny-grabbers, go blackberry picking. I should have been blackberry picking, but instead I took a lot of close up photos of interesting things in the hedgerows.

I've been trying to use the old stash to thin it out and get myself some space in my paper box. I can't break out of that box, I don't have the room! So I used my final full sheet of the gorgeous Wild Saffron.

Two of the butterflies have been painted and the other has been Distress inked. They've all been Stickled.