Monday, 26 April 2010

Twisted Sketches #46 & Gutter Girlz #36

I doubled up with this layout. It's partly Twisted #46 and partly Gutter Girlz #36. I started it with the Twist of "touch":

You see, I'm being touched by Max Grodenchik who plays Rom in Deep Space Nine. Eventually the character of Rom becomes Grand Nagus of Ferenginar and everyone knows that the Ferengi are motivated by profit. Max wrote something on the photo about profit, so I can only hope that the touch of the Grand Nagus does, indeed, help me to gain profit. Even though I'm not only a small-lobed female, but also a hew-man...

It was then that I realised that actually there was my Gutter Girlz entry - I'm a Geek and it's no secret, everyone knows and I don't care that they know it!

Nene Valley

Another Old Inn

Nottingham does a good line in old inns!

Morning tea

And Melman getting into the shot!

Oldest Inn

Good beer at the oldest inn in England.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Meadow Brown

Couldn't come up with any decent title for this, so I didn't bother. There's no rules, right?! Besides, I did mention in the journalling that it's a Meadow Brown!

I took the picture at Summer School last year when I was supposed to be looking at rocks. But it landed right by me and I just had to take its picture.

Made for Creative Craft World - Challenge 4, to use primas, which all of these flowers are.

Sketchy Thursdays 4.15

This week was a layout for Sketchy Thursdays and for Who's That Girl. You should be able to read from the picture what my Right Now points are!

I've come to realise that I don't have many storage spaces for my 12x12s so I've decided to make a set of 8x8s as I actually have a spare album for them! Besides, I'm still having a good time stroking my October Afternoon Thrift Shop (yum yum)

Obviously, however, I'm still taking pictures of my layouts perched on the radiator.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mother & The Map

Just something I did for fun this weekend. I've been gazing at this sheet of chipboard for months and not used it. Then I thought I should just use up all the flowers in one go on a layout without any patterned papers. This is the result.

My mother, supposedly studying a map, when, in fact, she's standing guard so that walkers don't come wandering over while my Dad is peeing behind a hedge...

The chipboard was part of a kit and I can't remember what company made them.

Twisted Sketches #45

The lastest Twist is Laugh and this is what made us laugh at the Retreat - The Settle.  Whenever you wanted something it was probably on the Settle... I guess you had to be there!  So I've scrapped a picture of Susi on the last day, sat upon the Settle.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sketchy Thursdays 4.8

Might be a little late with this one! I'd forgotten that I'd not done the main sketch after doing the Second Chance and the Blog Hop!

The Bijoux Belles at our first retreat taken during our class.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Screen Capturing

Finally figured out how to screen capture from the iPhone. So here's
one of my TapFish tanks.

October Afternoon - Cherry Hill

Obviously I also managed to overlook the posting of all my Cherry Hill layouts. I only noticed that today while I was stroking my shiny new OA: Thrift Shop....yum...

Easter trip to the Dorset coast in 2009 to go fossil hunting.

John and I at Forde Abbey (also Easter 2009). I'm not totally happy with this pic as I'm squinting into the sun!

The title is a line from a Polly Scattergood song.

The Winter Garden at Anglesey Abbey a few years ago.

Erm... somewhere I was taken with my parents that I can't remember... there were sheep and peacocks...

The Grand Hotel in Brighton where we stayed during a work retreat in 2006.

Cosmo Cricket - Early Bird

I've no idea how I overlooked posting all of these! I loved this paper collection so much and must've just used it all up and not even thought about posting the layouts to my Blog. They did all end up in my UKS gallery though!

From my UKS post: My mother and I up Glastonbury Tor. I love these Cosmo Cricket pp's so much that I decided to simply block them rather than layering them so I can just appreciate the gorgeous patterns. Totally lazy LO!

From my UKS post: My parents at Burrow Mump, for our weekly challenge.

From my UKS post: Song title from either Sting or Gwen Stefani - yes (although I have to say that I didn't know what the song was about until after I made the LO and now I wish I'd picked something else...)

From my UKS post: My folks after they jumped the wall and went into Muchelney Abbey without bothering with the main entrance. We already had tickets, but I felt rather guilty. They're such a bad example!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sketchy Thursdays - Blog Hop

The next Sketchy Thursdays sketch is for Spring Challenge Blog Hop.

Loved this sketch. Banners seem to be in at the moment, even though mine are a bit on the wonk!

I saw this pair of secateurs in the garden when we went on our retreat last month and took a random close up shot of them.

Sketchy Thursdays Second Chance

Couple of posts today for Sketchy Thursdays. This first one is a Second Chance challenge. It didn't come together exactly as I'd hoped. My pens bled a bit more than I was expecting them to and the doodling isn't that doodled. Ah well.

This is my 13th birthday party. I'm the one in the dodgy stripey jumper, Alice band and parrot ear-rings. You might not be able to make it out, but the cake was a butterfly - hence the butterfly paper and punched butterflies.

Have also included some hidden journalling for our inter-team mojo challenge this month.

Bonus embellishment! I took this picture outside and ended up with this lovely Ladybug. :)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Twisted Sketches #44

Wow! I was finally able to take a decent picture of a layout because the sun came out and I could take it outside! Well, that's exciting for me anyway. This layout turned into a bit of a Cosmo Cricket Love Fest as I used parts from four different collections.

The Twist this week is "Orange" and there are bits of orange scattered over this layout.

I finally stopped stroking the ribbon I bought at Liberty's and used them both on this. I love the butterflies so much, although they are a bit of nuisance to stick down, wings everywhere and their antennae come off far too easily

This is actually layout number two. I thought that scrapping Halloween would be the easiest way to use orange, but it just didn't come together, so I ditched the glaringly obvious orange in favour of this more subtle approach.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Gutter Girlz

This is my first time submitting to this challenge site and it looks like fun! I've been wanting to scrap this for a long time, well, not the picture, but the quote. It was such a memorable part of our Road Trip that I knew I'd have to eventually, but scrapbooking has always come across as so sweet and innocent that I wasn't sure I really should be using the F-Word... *horrors*!

Of course, that's crazy. Scrapping is a personal experience. I could have created this layout, put it in my album and never shared it online. Then my Teamie Sue posted the link to the Gutter Girlz and I realised that actually I can scrap what I please and can even show it off!

So, here's my entry for Prompt #35. I've used the Prompt - Road Trip, and the Product - a Map. I've not used the song as I don't know it and it won't play from the GG website here in the UK.

Let me point out that my father doesn't swear, which is why him saying this was so funny.

We'd travelled from Vegas (you know, crowded, buildings, lights) and were on the way to Mesquite. This involved going through a large expanse of nothing. Big skies, endless desert, hills that were pretty much mountains and long straight stretches of freeway. There'd been an hour or so of this when my Dad comes out with his now-classic "There's fuck-all here!"

To be honest, I think he was bit worried that we'd be stuck for two weeks looking at nothing!

Of course, we then detoured through the Valley of Fire State Park and that was that. There isn't fuck-all there after all, you just need to learn to appreciate the desert for its beauty.

The photo is actually Navajo Bridge, so I've journalled about that rather than about the Valley of Fire, but it symbolises big skies, desert, etc and shows that there are things to be seen in the desert after all.

It wasnt until after I finished this layout that I realised that I have blatantly scraplifted Gutter Girl Susan! I must have seen it, registered it and forgotten all about it. Sorry about that, Susan. :(

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Twisted Sketches #43

The Twist this week is "Pattern", so I've gone for very patterned paper and cutting the patterns from the papers.

My father is still busy getting fresh digital copies of his old negatives, so I'm able to scrap my birthdays-gone-by. These are all cakes from my early teens and surprisingly, the shapes were all made by my father. I guess that he ate all the offcuts... I've never asked!

Overuse of my new mini butterfly and mini flower punches. After I borrowed Teamie Sue's on our retreat last month I've been after a mini butterfly and now I use it all the time. Too cute!

Also, I'm being published! No idea when, but when I am I'll pop the layout up here on my Blog.

Sketchy Thursdays 4.1

Here I am in Niagara on the "Journey Behind the Falls" tour in 2006. I've even found my entry ticket to include on the layout. Hoarding everything does finally pay off!

No patterned paper in sight and yet this took ages and used so many different supplies. I've taken to writing what I've used on the backs of layouts so I can remember what came from where. I might not have enough supplies to stock a shop like some of my friends (who know who you are...), but I'm getting more items now from more places and I want to be able to recall which bit came from where!

The tag says "A roaring watery kind of noise" which is a line from Red Dwarf. Bonus cyber cookies if you can tell me which episode it's from! Anyway, it sure was roaring and watery and I needed that fetching yellow mac.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Distress Inks

Now that I own more than one I can do things like this! Ok, I know it
has many issues, but it's my first one.

I even stamped, embossed & pro markered it. New skills, I haz them.