Thursday, 8 April 2010

Gutter Girlz

This is my first time submitting to this challenge site and it looks like fun! I've been wanting to scrap this for a long time, well, not the picture, but the quote. It was such a memorable part of our Road Trip that I knew I'd have to eventually, but scrapbooking has always come across as so sweet and innocent that I wasn't sure I really should be using the F-Word... *horrors*!

Of course, that's crazy. Scrapping is a personal experience. I could have created this layout, put it in my album and never shared it online. Then my Teamie Sue posted the link to the Gutter Girlz and I realised that actually I can scrap what I please and can even show it off!

So, here's my entry for Prompt #35. I've used the Prompt - Road Trip, and the Product - a Map. I've not used the song as I don't know it and it won't play from the GG website here in the UK.

Let me point out that my father doesn't swear, which is why him saying this was so funny.

We'd travelled from Vegas (you know, crowded, buildings, lights) and were on the way to Mesquite. This involved going through a large expanse of nothing. Big skies, endless desert, hills that were pretty much mountains and long straight stretches of freeway. There'd been an hour or so of this when my Dad comes out with his now-classic "There's fuck-all here!"

To be honest, I think he was bit worried that we'd be stuck for two weeks looking at nothing!

Of course, we then detoured through the Valley of Fire State Park and that was that. There isn't fuck-all there after all, you just need to learn to appreciate the desert for its beauty.

The photo is actually Navajo Bridge, so I've journalled about that rather than about the Valley of Fire, but it symbolises big skies, desert, etc and shows that there are things to be seen in the desert after all.

It wasnt until after I finished this layout that I realised that I have blatantly scraplifted Gutter Girl Susan! I must have seen it, registered it and forgotten all about it. Sorry about that, Susan. :(


susibee said...

I don't think it was your intention, but I roared with laughter when I saw this. It is sort of offensive in a very funny way.
The actual page is stunning though.

Maria said...

Yes Laura, it made me laugh too, and it is a glorious page, so well done. Show your father - go on, I dare you.

rachel whetzel said...

It's AMAZING!! I love it!! So glad you hopped into the gutter with us!! I hope you come and play with us again soon!

lara said...

Love the look of the page AND your blog! Hope to see you again soon as well :)

LadyMissSusan said...

OH I LOVE IT! What a funny story. I didn't even think of you scraplifting and that is fine anyway. They say imitation is the nicest form of flatery (intentional or not! lol).

So now tell me how you got such a high score in doodle jump because I suck. lol
Welcome to the Gutter!

Nikki said...

Fantastic page! Love the story! Thanks for playing along!

Patti H said...

what a great memory you have created. Love the story to go with the layout. Thanks for playing with us

Anonymous said...

I love it as well! :D

Becky said...

well I am so glad you decided to participate in the challenge. Your layout rocks!!!

Glenda T. said...

Well I think this is just fucking awesome and I love that you dropped the f-bomb, it totally suits this fabulous layout!!!! THanks for rolling in the gutter with us!!!