Wednesday, 14 April 2010

October Afternoon - Cherry Hill

Obviously I also managed to overlook the posting of all my Cherry Hill layouts. I only noticed that today while I was stroking my shiny new OA: Thrift Shop....yum...

Easter trip to the Dorset coast in 2009 to go fossil hunting.

John and I at Forde Abbey (also Easter 2009). I'm not totally happy with this pic as I'm squinting into the sun!

The title is a line from a Polly Scattergood song.

The Winter Garden at Anglesey Abbey a few years ago.

Erm... somewhere I was taken with my parents that I can't remember... there were sheep and peacocks...

The Grand Hotel in Brighton where we stayed during a work retreat in 2006.

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susibee said...

You have been busy, how come I've missed all these superb layouts?