Monday, 14 May 2012

Adam at 11 Months

I don't think I've taken photos of this series of layouts, but here's the one for his eleventh month.

 {Trip to Cambridge Botanical Garden with Mummy and Nana}
I've decided to do his 12th month as a double and have also realised that his 10th month hasn't been done yet either. As I only bought a limited amount of these papers I thought this one had better me rather minimalist so I don't run out in the middle of the final layout! 

Besides, this was very quick to scrap and get in the album. At some point I'll take photos of the rest.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thanks, Crate.

Here is the Crate Paper mid season release, Little Bo Peep. Why am I linking to Baby Girl papers?
No. No girls expected!
There's one page I want. Just the one. This one:

See? Down there in the corner? Little girl with Panda. MY PANDA!!!

Now I have to buy a sheet of baby girl paper. :(

Monday, 7 May 2012

Note to Self...

Cut up that paper!  Yes.  That gorgeous Miss Caroline that's been sitting in your MME folder.  It's no good there, you can't see it.  Shove it an album where it can be appreciated.

End of lecture!

NSD 2012 & Hitchhiking

I've recently signed up to Shimelle's Hitchhikers Guide class at Two Peas in a Bucket. This meant that I started looking at the Two Peas forum a lot more last week than I have been in the past. I'd kind of dismissed it as an American Shop rather than a Global Forum and had stopped visiting. However, I find the forum there and the work posted to be a lot more inspirational than UKS. Expect I'll be hanging out there a lot more in the future. Last weekend was National Scrapbooking Day in America, but they kindly threw it open to the rest of the world! I even managed to get some layouts finished. Both of these are from Shimelle's Starting Points, and tie-in with the Hitchhiking class and one of them also counts as an NSD challenge at Two Peas. 

This layout is also for the challenge - negative space. Now that it's done, I realise that I should've lifted the top layer on pop dots to make it more obvious that the stars aren't punched and laid on top, but are holes with the paper underneath showing through. Ah well. I've learnt that lesson and can use it in the future. Of course, this is now making me lust after the Martha Stewart punch anywheres, do I need two classic butterflies that do different things? I think that maybe I do... Anyway. The layout is Adam, whinging! 

This one is just a Starting Point.  It records Adam's first train ride and the fact that he fell asleep during it (and during the return trip).  I used the planes as a travel theme.  I don't have train embellies, but the planes are cut from a Glitz paper in the current Quirky Kit and a recent Glitter Girl video was about travel papers being used for other things, so I think this works.  Otherwise I'd be hanging onto the paper forever waiting for a plane theme to crop up!

Hatfield House

Over the Easter Weekend we met Grandma and Grandad at Hatfield House.  Halfwayish between us, to save any of us doing the whole drive.  I saved up my Tesco vouchers for this, so we had enough for all of us to get in and for three of us to go round the House.

I've tried to continue with my idea of getting multiple photos onto one layout and have used fake polaroids as well.

Squeezed in some ephmera as well.  The title was cut from the paperbag that my postcards came in and the pictures at the bottom are on a bookmark from one of the shops. Wow! That was a gorgeous shop, it had STASH!! I bought six washi tapes, a set of stamps and a coolbag for Adam.
To cram more photos on I backed each polaroid on another and created flaps. I've written the journalling under the flaps.I called the gorgeous shop the Oak Barn when, in fact, it's called the Oakroom.
I've managed to cover most of the day on one page, which just leaves me with a shot of Grandad walking off with Adam on their exploring adventure and a couple of shots of Adam being blown away by the lady on the the saxaphone. Both of those moments I felt deserving of their own layouts.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

We Are Going On An Egg Hunt

We spent part of Easter Sunday at Anglesey Abbey taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt.  Adam wasn't really impressed to be dragged outside on a cold and damp day, but we were determined to have fun, despite the misgivings of Mister McGrumpyPants.

{Click for Full Size}

In order for to win the Easter Egg you had to fill in the gaps on a map with pictures. John and I did our best for Adam, I drew daffodills, loads of windows and John drew a fantastic goat. At the end of the Hunt the lady from Cadbury didn't even look at our beautiful drawings and handed us the egg anyway. 

Oh well, chocolate is chocolate.

I'm trying to get more photos of an event scrapped at one time. I'm pretty hopeless at multiphoto layouts, so I've started getting different shapes and sizes printed. This one features tiny photos and fake polaroids, which I made with the new setting on Picasa.  I even crammed in some ephemera from the day, rather than hoarding it.  Pretty happy with this as a start.