Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thanks, Crate.

Here is the Crate Paper mid season release, Little Bo Peep. Why am I linking to Baby Girl papers?
No. No girls expected!
There's one page I want. Just the one. This one:

See? Down there in the corner? Little girl with Panda. MY PANDA!!!

Now I have to buy a sheet of baby girl paper. :(


Jennie Hart said...

Panda is truly awesome :)

I love that layout so much, is it new? I love the painty effect. You definitely need this paper in your life.

Paper Snob did good snooping :) Jen xx We must set up that app we discussed at the retreat, we could be millionaires by now :lol: well pennieaires :)

susibee said...

Gosh that paper is very retro :o But you're right, you do need it, it has got your panda on.

Lovely page, nice paint job.