Monday, 7 May 2012

Hatfield House

Over the Easter Weekend we met Grandma and Grandad at Hatfield House.  Halfwayish between us, to save any of us doing the whole drive.  I saved up my Tesco vouchers for this, so we had enough for all of us to get in and for three of us to go round the House.

I've tried to continue with my idea of getting multiple photos onto one layout and have used fake polaroids as well.

Squeezed in some ephmera as well.  The title was cut from the paperbag that my postcards came in and the pictures at the bottom are on a bookmark from one of the shops. Wow! That was a gorgeous shop, it had STASH!! I bought six washi tapes, a set of stamps and a coolbag for Adam.
To cram more photos on I backed each polaroid on another and created flaps. I've written the journalling under the flaps.I called the gorgeous shop the Oak Barn when, in fact, it's called the Oakroom.
I've managed to cover most of the day on one page, which just leaves me with a shot of Grandad walking off with Adam on their exploring adventure and a couple of shots of Adam being blown away by the lady on the the saxaphone. Both of those moments I felt deserving of their own layouts.


Jennie Hart said...

This is superb. I love how you have included lots of photos and still have left white space to stop it feeling cluttered.

I tend to pick out the 'best' photo or the most representative to use on a layout. I must do this kind of thing more often. xx

susibee said...

I wouldn't have picked this out as one of yours with all the photos but it's a great way of using them to tell your story.

Mini said...

I'm loving thise 'polaroid' photos. Adam is cute - he is so photogenic. :o)
Sue x