Sunday, 6 May 2012

We Are Going On An Egg Hunt

We spent part of Easter Sunday at Anglesey Abbey taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt.  Adam wasn't really impressed to be dragged outside on a cold and damp day, but we were determined to have fun, despite the misgivings of Mister McGrumpyPants.

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In order for to win the Easter Egg you had to fill in the gaps on a map with pictures. John and I did our best for Adam, I drew daffodills, loads of windows and John drew a fantastic goat. At the end of the Hunt the lady from Cadbury didn't even look at our beautiful drawings and handed us the egg anyway. 

Oh well, chocolate is chocolate.

I'm trying to get more photos of an event scrapped at one time. I'm pretty hopeless at multiphoto layouts, so I've started getting different shapes and sizes printed. This one features tiny photos and fake polaroids, which I made with the new setting on Picasa.  I even crammed in some ephemera from the day, rather than hoarding it.  Pretty happy with this as a start.


susibee said...

I like the idea of fake Polaroids:) I used to love those cameras.
These pages will be of great interest to Adam when he's a bit older with lots of pics and the map.

Karen said...

You've made this work well with the different sizes - I love the 'fake' polaroids too. He doesn't look too impressed, does he?? At least he'll know the effort you made when he's grown up xxx

Sarah said...

Love this page Laura - love all the photos together - really must get back into the habit of scrapping multi pics - not done any for a while!

Jennie Hart said...

It has made your layout very interesting too Laura. I like ''pretty layouts with a nice photo and pretty flowers and one word journaling'' but this feel more like 'proper' scrapbooking which I am finding more and more useful and fun to do. I think that is why I am more drawn to project life for it's easier way to add ephemera, photos and journaling.
I could never do this on a double, you are very good :) I need to show this on my project life pinboard, so I am pinning.

I love the green and the layout is much better for having you in it my lovely. xx Mister Grumpypants will love that you will have a record of his first hunt, and you will be able to tease him for being a grumpypants :) xx

Did you know your word verification thing is on?

Jennie Hart said...

Now pinned and tweeted :)