Friday, 29 July 2011

Explore : Additional

This layout grew out of various techniques, suggestions, concepts etc covered in the Explore class.

Explore : Prompt 8

Well, there might not have been any pressure to finish a project on this day, but this is what I came up with. I never usually use this many photos on one page. Chopping a whole bunch of them up into smaller pieces, however, has made them fit in a lot easier. I used the "group of nine" technique to display them, wrote on them and made sure that all the pictures are of me, just to ensure I am scrapping myself.

Used the "group of nine" here as well.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Explore : Prompt 9 ~ Document One Day

I have chosen to Document Tomorrow. I've made a page in the Playbook to document it as I go along. There's no fun plans for tomorrow, so it's going to be a very normal day.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Explore : Prompt 7 ~ Memory Sparks

With so little time these days I decided to just do one memory spark and put it I to my book. So I chose an innocent looking item and rambled off into the land of very personal and private memories! They're not bad memories. They're fabulous and hilarious and on-going. I just can't share them!!

A few scrappable ideas surfaced during the course of the sparking, so it's definitely a technique that had worked for me and one I'll use again. Hopefully I'll pick an item that's more public in its memories.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Explore : Prompt 5 ~ Friday Project

I chose to make a layout with the map circle embellishments I made. Although I do scrap myself, I tend to do it with other people in the shot, so I made sure that I used a photo of just myself - a self portrait, in fact! Unless you think I'm not alone because "Frankie the Bump" is also in the picture.

Explore : Prompt 4 ~ Perfection

My father took this picture. I've been hanging onto it for ages, trying to find a suitable way to scrap it. Now it's stuck into my Play Book. Perfection of Nature.

Explore : Prompt 3 ~ Maps

Saved my circle embellishments for later, because I came late to the project I know what I'm making and saving them for! I didn't want to cut into maps from past travels, so I only had the one old map of London and a piece of patterned paper by October Afternoon.

Had great fun cutting up the map though, so I bought some from a charity shop this afternoon! I can have some chopping fun later on.

Explore : Prompt 2 ~ Adventure

I chose an old postcard for this and didn't post it, mainly for ease in getting it done. Of course, I've also chosen the Whole World for my Adventure postcard.

Explore : Prompt 1

I signed up on Thursday to Shimelle's Explore Class. I've not done one before, and quite frankly, I'm doing it to see what all the fuss is about! Oh, and to do something a bit different on the creative front. Not sure whether I'll be able to do it AND wrangle the Baby, but we'll see!

My 'Play Book' cover.

My first piece of journalling. I'm using old hotel stationery for the journalling sections. I always save bits like that and they hang around for ages unused. That was one of the suggestions, and a very good one!

I've taken the Self Portrait, but I send my pics to be developed, so I'll pop it in when it comes back.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Smash Book?

I like the idea of Smash Books, but buying all the "proper" bits and pieces? Nah. Seems a little silly when you can use existing stash and a nice book from Paperchase. So here it is. Well, a little sampling of what I've done so far.

I bought some coloured envelopes and some decorative paperclips so I could display my photos. As they're originals, rather than digitals, this way I don't have to risk scrapping them and potentially ending up with layouts I don't like or grow out of.

The only photo I have from my Open University Summer School to Brighton. I still had part of the diary I kept, so I've included that as well.

Bits and pieces from our trip to York last year. I've included some October Afternoon stickers on this page. On the next few pages I've added in some photos that I know I'll find really hard to scrap, but ones that I love. This way they're somewhere I'll be able to look at. I've added journalling around all the photos that I put into the book.

Duxford and Fleet Air Arm tickets and flyers. This page has been embellished with matching Cosmo Cricket papers and stickers.

Bits and Bobs from a lunch at Loch Fyne and the Bits and Bobs from hunting pigs in Bath. Added in some more October Afternoon and KesiArt.