Monday, 21 December 2009


To Write - I would have to say that the significance of light at the holidays is so that we can see. If there wasn' t any light during the holidays we'd all spill cranberry sauce down our fronts. Not that anyone could see that we'd done so, because it would be dark.

However, today I do have a story that involves light. I read it today over on The Onion where they are featuring the Top Ten Stories of the last 4.5 Billion Years. The first is a very cute tale narrated by a Trilobite, but the best is Number Five: Sumerians Look On In Confusion as God Creates World.

"I do not understand," reads an ancient line of pictographs depicting the sun, the moon, water, and a Sumerian who appears to be scratching his head. "A booming voice is saying, 'Let there be light,' but there is already light. It is saying, 'Let the earth bring forth grass,' but I am already standing on grass."

"Everything is here already," the pictograph continues. "We do not need more stars."

To Photograph - I've already taken pictures of my tree lights and used them on previous days.

To Do - Get to work and back without landing on my arse. I managed to do that, my colleague wasn't so fortunate and came a cropper on her elbow. Ow. I also had to do some non-Christmas food shopping as we'd forgotten the other days this week when we still need to eat. Vegetables and healthy fare right up until Friday.

To Make - A real layout from paper that has Squat to do with Christmas. Part of our Inter Team Mojo Jar Challenge, this will have it's own post.

One of the Bosses brought in his own grit to grit outside our office!

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