Friday, 4 December 2009

Birthday Woot!

To Write - the sentimental decorations are all with my parents. One is a... erm... it's this Thing. Or Things... one bit has a leg missing, one is Comedy/Tragedy mask, one bit is clock with googly eyes. They all dangle off a ring on bits of string. It's really old, really small and really, really creepy. No idea what They are, but I've always loved Them.

To Photograph - no can do. Decorations aren't up yet. Christmas isn't allowed to begin until at least tomorrow. Besides, it's three weeks away for goodness sake! However, I can give you yesterday's picture today, my newest joyful possession:

Her name is Serenity, and she kicks ass, just like Serenity is supposed to. Oh yes, I have a gorram iPhone. Interesting...

To Do - Go out for birthday lunch and go shopping. Done!

To Make - Squat. It's my birthday. You should be making me things!

Remember - our decorating traditions involve finding a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and throwing all sorts of eclectic decorations at it. Also not decorating every room and every surface with as much tat as possible. Although this year our new hallway lights are sort-of asking to be tinsel hangers...

Backwards brad by Stacey Towers

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