Monday, 14 December 2009

Fourteenth Already!?

Writing part first, followed by the layout. No idea yet what the layout will consist of, no photos. Anyway.
To Write - The only person I typically celebrate with is John. Whether we're at his folks or mine depends from year to year. Now we're able to accommodate both sets here at home, so that's what we'll be doing this year.

To Photograph - This is the loved ones smiling last year!

John and Melman when we were living at Ann's last December. I made Melman a Santa hat adapted from the cheapy one I had from our work do. He's a cutie and he knows it!

To Do - Go and have my contact lense check up. It's not all Christmas realted stuff, you know, just because it's December. Still have to do the usual dull stuff. Although my Optometrist is lovely and even fixed my glasses for me! Today is a holiday day as I had to use them up at some point. Also had to hunt for a party top and buy some cake decorations. Wrap some presents. Do some laundry. Quite productive today.

To Make - Dinner from nothing? It's so coming out of a can tonight! Spent too long this weekend making Chrimbo purchases that we forgot to worry about the rest of the week.

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