Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Eighth

To Write - I don't have any significant holiday decor as it's pretty much all things that I've bought since living with John. I threw away all my cheapy decorations a few years ago to replace it with decent stuff. My parents still have all the inherited Christmas decorations so:

To Photograph - I do try to buy a new dec or two for the tree each year, and maybe something in the sales. Every year I put Angels wings on my White Witch Willow figure and pop her on top of the tree as our Fairy:

To Do - Collect parcels from PO, get stamps for USA cards, start wrapping John's pressies.

To Make - Nothing today, unless I do a Present Pile Tag for John.

To Remember - Seriously. This "only love, warmth and affection during the so-called holidays" thing is starting to drive me batty! I have love, warmth and affection from my family every day of the year. It shouldn't be reserved for one day of the year. Especially a date that has been plucked out of the ether and dressed up in tinsel and twinkly lights. Good grief.

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