Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Holidays in Hand - December First

Well, starting this at work because it's quiet here today. I haven't filled in the bits about "to do" and "to make" as you were supposed to print these out and I can't do that with my tiny non-colour printer and make them look good.

Idiotically I made the crackers yesterday and wrapped a secret santa present. Should have saved those things for today, but I wasn't thinking.

So today we're supposed to write about our family's "Holiday Values". Firstly, let's address the term "holiday". As far as I can tell, I'm at work, not on holiday. I do get some extra holiday days this month as I've saved the days up throughout the year. This month is also quiet in this business, so there's plenty of time to do these blog entries!

Saying that we don't have holiday values makes us sound like a dreadful family, but my parents aren't huge fans of Christmas and it's not like either of them believe in any sort of religion to make it a religious holiday. So, for me, Christmas was always a tree, pretty lights, some pressies and maybe Nanny coming over for dinner. Not far removed from the day three weeks before - my birthday.

I suppose if I end up with offspring then we'll make our own Christmas memories and "values", but they're going to be brought up as happy little science-loving atheists with the ability to think for themselves rather than being indoctrinated into some crazy religion - hence me calling it Xmyth as the whole season is full of myth and Christians stealing their ideas from earlier beliefs and religions.

Your Xmyth value should be to live as good a life as you can and to be a good person, but surely that's for all year and not just for Xmyth? So why all this stuff about "holiday" values? Bizarre.

Earliest Holiday Memory: I certainly remember realising early on that Santa was fictitious and that it was my father creeping in with a stocking. However, I was worried that the pressies would stop if I told my parents that I was no longer a believer! The presents still come though and my Dad still looks like Santa.

Digital layout featuring the excitement that is today will follow. As will "Welcome to December" picture of my family, which is, of course, John and I, perhaps featuring Melman!

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