Saturday, 12 December 2009

Legs Eleven!

To Write - Had the first party of the holidays last week with John's friends. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't a place I would visit again. Tried too hard to do "posh" food and ended up wth OK food. Nice Christmas pudding flavoured ice-cream.

Next week it's the Christmas party for my work and we're off to d'Arry's. Hopefully the food will be better than last week simply because it's heartier pubbier grub. Of course, it has to be better than last week as we're doing a Secret Santa and that's bound to be fun!

To Photograph - Holiday clothing? Terribly sorry, but I don't own any! Instead I'll recall this "holiday party from the past"

Work party 2007 - well, it IS in the past! :)

To Do - Hmm. I have some lists to write to prepare for Christmas and need to find a sparkly top.

To Make - Ribbons for the baubles. Done - and see Layout for today!

As usual - backwards brad by Stacey Towers.

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