Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December 2nd - not Xmyth yet!

Right. What does today's prompt have in store?
Well, that reminds me that I didn't take yesterday's picture!

I started to read the article yesterday and I didn't get too far as it didn't seem my kind of thing. I don't read those magazines full of perfect homes and certainly don't lust after a perfectly decorated house. My tastes are far too eclectic for that. At some point there will be pictures of this years tree and it will look as if someone has walked up to it with a box of decorations collected from the year dot and emptied it over the top... which is pretty much accurate!

I don't have any memories of making any specific recipe with an older family memory. I spent most of my time at Grandma's hiding in her tiny broom cupboard (I was very upset when I finally became too big for it) rather than helping her baking, but being in the broom cupboard was only fun when Grandma was in the kitchen! Didn't cook with Nanny either, but then we were too busy dancing round the kitchen like fairies or playing trains on the landing.

Once again, all I did today was go to work and the only thing I made was a paper layout. So that's pretty much the subject of today's layout:

I bought some cheap Laurence Llewellyn Bowen scrapping papers at the local outlet store. Generally they're awful with some dreadful designs, but after some distressing and inking a few of them aren't so bad.

"Something warm" picture to follow?

Once again, the bits that aren't HiH kit are by Stacey Towers.

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