Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Beer Festival 2010

I made this at the weekend as I realised I still had lots of the last Quirky Kit to use up and the new one was on its way.

Quite happy with how this came out. I took the photos on my iPhone, so they weren't the greatest quality to begin with, but certainly better than nothing. The kit was a good mix of masculine colours as well as the lovey dovey pinks, which was perfect for this layout. Greys and blues for John and pink for that fabulous pink and yellow cheese - made with port, if you were curious!

I suppose this year the Festival will be rather dry for me, but they do have fabulous cheeses and a family marquee, so no reason to stay away! :)


susibee said...

It won't be long before you're enjoying a beef again! Why is John so glum - he's got a drink in his hand!

susibee said...

Ooops I meant to say beer not beef! That's because I am thinking about eating!

Maria said...

now that does look like pate! This is a cracking layout Laura

Scribble Monster said...

I love it Laura, great colour scheme and I love the paper folding circle. xx