Monday, 18 April 2011

Weekly Challenge - April Week 3

No patterned paper, no brads, buttons or blooms, one or three photos and not a 12x12 square. Check on all counts! Must try harder to catch us out, Sue! ;)

This is John's half-eaten plate of haggis and mash. I'd never eaten haggis before and found the concept way too disturbing. John, however, managed to convince me to try some and this is how much he'd eaten by the time I gave in and had a forkful. Well, haggis is bloomin' delicious! So I had to take a photo of the first haggis I'd ever had.

Sadly, I had no camera, just my iPhone and the dish doesn't look all that apetising in this state, but the idea is to record these special moments, and I have.


Scribble Monster said...

Well done Laura, I don't know that I would have been so brave, i'm not good with new foods! I love how you have done this! x

Mini said...

A great take on my challenge, Laura! I must try harder next time!
Sue x

susibee said...

I know I wouldn't have indulged. Ugh!
However, the layout is fab - I like the circles stamps, you have used them well, and I love the alpha stamps.

Jenny said...

Great LO and your brave to try Haggis.
Thanks for the info about the papers 4 heures 37.
Jenny :)