Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cake Baking & 1976

Kept at it with the Quirky Kit for a couple more layouts!

I wanted to know why Mummy's fruit cake was always so much better than mine when we use the same recipe. So I watched while she made one. Better quality ingredients and more moisture is the key!

Got out the good old Circle Circus again for this one. This is me in 1976 and I'm wondering now how I can possibly be about to have one of these when I still feel like I am one!


Mini said...

Bet Franlie looks just like this - soooo cute!
Sue x

susibee said...

I love those spotty papers - have you tried making a cake now you've had instructions from your Mum?

Love the style of the other page and you are soooo cute.

Maria said...

I love the spotty papered one too and cute photo in the other one.