Friday, 8 April 2011

Maze Book of Me

Hot on the heels of me thinking that my mini book skills aren't up to scratch I decided to make a Maze Book! Glutton for mini embellishment punishment, obviously. I do love the folding, cutting and sticking that goes into a Maze Book though, so I enjoyed putting this together.

This one I've made to try and get some of my baby / childhood pictures scrapped before my Baby arrives and I end up just scrapping him instead.

I've had to take the photos with a cushion on my lap as I'm stuck to the sofa today with my oversized hippo feet up on a stool. They aren't happy tootsies today. :(

I've used 4 Heures 37 papers for the covers and Echo Park for the insides. I've not written on the tags yet, there are a couple of pictures that I want to ask my parents about first, then I can do some more journalling. There's plenty of slots of I want to add more as things occur to me.

I used to be cute! What happened?! I'm playing with my toy helicopter, although I always called it a "helicopterdopter". I think that butterfly may need some work, it's a bit plain.

Stamping and ProMarkering fun. I don't do much of that, but yesterday I realised that I do have some bird stamps and thought I should include them in the Kit.

A Basic Grey June Bug bird stamp.

Coming home from Nanny & Grandpa's on my birthday and seeing my new bike for the first time. My father took this reaction shot, but I don't have any pictures of the bike.

Another butterfly that needs a bit of bling - and me in a leotard! Horrors!

Hurdles. In the photo it's vaguely possible to see the frightening second year teacher, Mrs Hoyle, and the lovely Headmaster, Mr Davies.

In the swimming pool on the last day of a holiday in Spain. I swallowed too much pool water and spent the entire flight home being sick. It wasn't the greatest experience.

There. Fuzzy, but photographed. I think I could do with a nap now.


susibee said...

What a lovely book - you do do mini books well, I don't know what you're talking about!

Maria said...

yes quite, i'd be well pleased if Id done this and lovely to see those photos of you - love the hurdling one especially. Good idea to scrap them now too.

scrappymo! said...

Lovely cute too!

Scribble Monster said...

It is a great book, I love it and those photos are brilliant.

Kim Strother said...

I love mini books, but I've never heard of a maze book. I think this is great and I'd love a tutorial sometime!

Tricia said...

Such a cute little book - great job!

Jimjams said...

My you have been busy - looks lovely - you can make another when the baby is born - in fact several, because the grandparents will want brag books!

I had to laugh at the no hole punch thing ... seriously?!?! How do you file your banks statements and bills? We have about 5 of them and a 4-hole punch as well! No make that 6 - one each for the kids, 1 in the kitchen drawer, 1 in the study and 1 in the lounge! I think I should buy shares in Rymans!

S said...

What a fun mini album, you certainly carried the bird theme throughout!

ms.schwiet said...

I love working with tiny embellishments now. And this book looks too cute for words