Saturday, 16 April 2011


The CCW Saturday Scrap Map for this week.

John at Forde Abbey, hunting for rabbits to win us a Creme Egg! You had to follow the map, find the bunnies and then use the rubber stamp (bolted down to each rabbit!) to mark on the map that you'd located the bunny. Once all the bunnies were found, you got your creme egg.

Yes, it was a game for children and no, we didn't care that we were adults. :)


susibee said...

I don't want to think what John is doing. Very cute bunny.

Mini said...

Ah John and the bunny ... LOL. And did you get an egg? A fab page - love the colours.
Sue x

Scribble Monster said...

Great game, I wondered about clues for the kids this year. I love how bright it is and those eggs are 'cracking' *hum*

Maria said...

oooh love this one Laura, very nice

Jenny said...

Lovely bright colourful page Laura,
It was well worth it for a creme egg as well :)
Jenny x