Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Quick Layout

{click for the full, fuzzy glory!}

Did this in an hour or so this afternoon. Will write about it when not on iPhone!!!

OK. This is my Mother last August eating my tomato ice cream. We were at Wimpole Hall during the tomato festival and they were selling this intriguingly flavoured ice cream. I was all ready to start licking when I realised that freshly made ice cream will have raw egg in. At that point I was just a few weeks pregnant and all the warnings were loud in my mind. So I had to do without and Mummy had to eat it for me. This was the first time I'd had to reject something because of the Baby.

Thanks to my Teamie, Sarah, for the paper!


Scribble Monster said...

Laura, it's lovely, and great story. Did she like the ice cream? x Jen

susibee said...

I'm not sure I fancy tomato icecream but your Lo is super.