Monday, 17 January 2011


Made this for our inter-team mojo jar challenge. I wasn't doing them whilst I was mojoless, but now it's back and I'm playing again! My challenge was to make my own embellies, so I've made some buttons from matching papers and Glossy Accents.

These were my third attempt. The first ones were destroyed when I put my diary down on them whilst they were drying and the second batch were ruined when I put my ribbon jar lid down on them. I really am hopeless at remembering I have GA drying.

My DH rescued this third batch by hiding them from me!

Oh, and this LO is also for Susi, who says I scrap my Dad more than I scrap my Husband... which is probably true because Daddy poses when a camera is pointed at him and John doesn't!


maria said...

fab buttons Laura, they are marvellous you clever dawg.

Mini said...
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Mini said...

That's just fab, Dawg. So glad your mojo has returned with knobs on! :o)
Sue x
(Sorry the above post is deleted - I left too many typos in!)

susibee said...

Those buttons look great. I love John's hat and I'm glad to see a picture of him. Love this LO.

Scribble Monster said...

Lovely Laura, very sophisticated. I bet John loves that photo! xx