Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Circa 1945

I've been stroking this paper for a while, but it was time to take the craft knife to it.

Two photos stuck together so that we're sat side by side on the train with the Giraffe in the middle! At the last minute I remembered to stick the ticket onto the layout. I'm very good at keeping stuff and thinking "when I scrap this event I'll use this ephemera" and then forgetting all about it. I have loads of bits in folders, but all the good pictures have been scrapped. :(

Still, this time, I remembered!

I'm about three weeks pregnant at this point and paranoid about everything, but the sickness has yet to attack. I look happy rather than queasy!

In Bath on December 27th. All the shops we wanted to see were still closed after Christmas, so we ended up just having a nice lunch in Cafe Rene. At least, it used to be called Cafe Rene and isn't anymore. Can't think of its proper name!

Both are very loosely based on layouts in the first PageMaps book.


susibee said...

Two lovely pages and yes it's nice to see John in them. I see you're starting to journal more too. All helpful when you start to lose your marbles like me:D

Mini said...

What a great idea to stick the two photos like that and a fab page, too.
Sue x

maria said...

those papers are scrummy, and I still love the way you write your blog. You may not look queasy but you do definitely look radiant!