Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I think I did some Art today. Perhaps it's an 8x8 layout. I'm not sure. But I do know that I got my old paper and inks out again. I was, however, inspired by a couple of pieces I saw at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on Sunday.

The artist had used full pieces of book page, highlighting certain words on the page to create a new phrase. Then the rest of the page was inked in beautifully. Obviously, I've no intention of ever recreating that, but I decided to use the highlight technique on a couple of words on these.

I'll be experimenting with this technique a bit more. I found an old book that was going to binned at work, so that should give me plenty of bits of paper.


susibee said...

It's a fab idea and would work well generally in scrapping and you might find that I copy this at some point!!!

Maria said...

This is well cool and will be great on a layout.