Monday, 7 February 2011

Jan Week 5 - Belles

I promise I did this weekly challenge in time! I just put it somewhere safe for the GA to dry - and forgot all about it. Still, that's better than my usual trick of dumping something on top of wet GA and spreading it everywhere.

From the huge choice of options I went for a theme of friends, and the techniques of doodling, hand written journalling, distress ink and one stamp. Sketch used.

Pictures are Susi and Maria, fellow Bijoux Belles, on our visit to London and The Eye. Maria is tucking into a Screme Egg - the halloween version of the Easter treat.


Sarah said...

Love the PP - and fab pics x x

susibee said...

Do I look fed up or what?!!
Love the pic of Maria though:)

Mini said...

Yes, you look fed up, Susi! LOL Super page, Laura.
Sue x

Scribble Monster said...

Fab page, another one with the creme egg! lol xx

Mini said...

Hi Laura, just popping back to let you know there's a little something for you on my blog! :o)
Sue x