Friday, 21 May 2010

Project 12 - April

{click to enlarge}

April is represented by:

  • Melman in Lizzy's Cafe, Risby Barns
  • John being happy that we have started to clear out the garden ready for the new turf and new pond.
  • The Oldest Inn in England, Nottingham - beautifully huge Sunday dinners!
  • La Roux concert
  • An old Bus at the Nene Steam Railway
  • Tatty 2 and Tatty 1 in the flowering "Tat's Money"

Each month I do try to use new paper stash from that month. Of course, I really shouldn't have so much new paper stash, but heyho!


Maria said...

lively layout Laura, but these cuddly toys of yours are multiplying!

susibee said...

Fab Laura. These are going to be a great way to looking back at 2010.