Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Is it a Card? Is it a Mini Book?

Well, I think it's a bit of both. When I started I thought it would be a fold-out, multi-photo holder to be stuck on a layout. Then I realised that if I gave it a front cover I could use it as a birthday card for my Dad, or maybe a Father's Day card, or maybe my Mother would like it. Anyway, it's sort of a mini-book to be given as a card!

The pictures aren't brilliant as the best light comes through the back of the house and that's been blocked off and is crawling with builders!

Made it for the latest Scrummy Stash Cafe challenge.


Maria said...

aww Laura yours has come out really well - and it will be great as a FD card I reckon.

You do red very well BTW

EllePiggo said...

Absolutely love it. :) It'll be great as a Fathers day card. Thanks for taking part.

Vanessa. :)