Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Project 12 - February

As usual, I'm having photo-taking difficulties, it's getting boring! Still, I'm continuing to plonk them onto the radiator by the door and getting as much light onto them as possible.

Think I might stop fretting about it!

{click to enlarge}

February was about John taking Melman to America with him and my Mum and I having some fun on day trips around Cambridge. We didn't celebrate old Hallmark-Valentine's, we stayed in and had Chinese food because it was also New Year (of the Tiger). John bought a cake stand and the Winter Olympics were on in Vancouver.

Although we didn't really do Valentines, I have chosen to use Valentine's papers on this layout. These are the latest ones from My Minds Eye and were part of the February Gotta Craft Kit.

Also included a flyer from the Cathedral in Bury (luckily it's the same colour as these papers!) and the train ticket from our trip to London (which doesn't match!).


Warm n Wonderful said...

great job on your February project 12 layout.

Davinie Fiero said...

Love the touches of yellow on this one! Perfect for the design.

As for light, try getting white cardstock or a piece of foam core and putting it on a chair next to a window. That might help with light. :)