Friday, 26 February 2010


Today I found a set of pink totes in The Works for only £5.99. They won't last me forever as they aren't the best quality items on the planet, but for the amount of use they'll get (not a lot!) they're perfect.

I now just need to decide how many of them are coming to next weeks Retreat with me. The "large tote" and "medium tote" might actually be good enough to put my clothes in as well as stash. The "Beading & Tool Tote" (their words, not mine) may live up to its name and take my tools...

That leaves me with "Small Tote", "Knitting Tote" and "Sewing Purse"!

Of course, as none of them have wheels I may end up taking my suitcase and being forced to leave them all behind!
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