Saturday, 21 January 2012

iPhone Photos

This month I've managed to make four layouts. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day anymore. In fact, as I'm trying to type this, I have a baby climbing my legs and tugging on my screen...

Anyway, I took some photos with my iPhone, just to make things a bit easier and to actually get something uploaded. How am I supposed to look back at my blog in the future if there's nothing for me to look at?!

I've used the most recent Quirky Kit for all of these.

My Mother babysat Adam and me when John went to America last year. We went to the Cambridge Folk Museum and I decided that I was going to have some cake, no matter what. The chosen piece was lemon drizzle, which Mummy tried and decided was too sweet...

She also passed judgement on the people, the establishment... and gave me an excellent title "This is Cupcake Country". I don't understand people who don't like cupcakes, my Mother is bizarre! :) She did like the cups and saucers, though, a very eclectic collection, which just had to be photographed.

Now going back over a year to November 2010. I have scrapped this event before, but I wanted another take on it for the new 2010 album I've started to put together. D-rings from now on, none of that awful post-bound malarkey.

Anyway, Maria and I on the London Eye and at Gabriel's Wharf. Photos expertly taken by Susi!

This kit is brilliant and these pictures are awful, not doing it justice one little bit. :( I expect I'll never get round to taking a shot of the fourth layout. I need more Time!


Jennie Hart said...

So great to see your blog and they are great photos, if that's what gets it done then that is fab.

I love the one of the cup best I think. Although it's always nice to see you and Maria :)

The first one is lovely and delicate :)

Sarah said...

Love the LO's Laura - keep up the fab work supermum!!! lots of love Sarah x x x

susibee said...

Love the eclectic collection of cups:)

Great pages and a lovely kit.

Mini said...

Welcome back to Blogland! Fab scrapping, Laura. Well done.
Sue x

Karen said...

Great pages Laura and lovely to read the stories behind them too. Er! mum who doesn't like cupcakes *shock, horror*!!
Fab stamping on that first page xx