Saturday, 20 August 2011

Shimelle's Cyber Crop - Half Page

This was a fabulous excuse to not cut into this beautiful piece of Sassafrass!

This is Bob during the Open University 2009 Summer School to Durham. He's demonstrating scale. When taking a photo of a geological feature you should always include a scale so someone else knows the size of the feature they're looking at. Bob is showing that this also works with ice creams and kiosks.

Close up on one of the lovely seagulls that Susi cut for me.

It's going to go into my Geology Album as a 'companion piece' to this one:

For both of these layouts I've used the most recent Quirky Kit - The Milk Bar.


susibee said...

The paper is rather lush isn't it? Your half page is fab, you've packed lots of detail onto it and I'm glad seagull has made an appearance!

Mini said...

That's fab! I'm nervous to try this one - you've made a great job of it.
Sue x

Maria said...

I loved seeing the seagull too, and love the second page especially

Clair said...

Such a lovely page - and it's so good that you didn't have to cover (or cut) that beautiful paper :)

Scribble Monster said...

I love how they work together, you do really fab work with the quirky kit. Jen xx