Monday, 28 July 2014

A Group of Tourists

I'm sorry, Sleepy Lady, I had to take your picture!

At the Natural History Museum, a few weeks ago. It was hot and SO busy, it's not really a surprise that Sleepy Lady couldn't take any more of it, there's no air conditioning in the NHM.

I suppose the actual 'group' of tourists is at the back, queuing up for the even hotter and more crowded dinosaur exhibit. You need stamina and the patience of a Saint to take that on. Turns out these are things that neither I, nor my children, posess. Rude Lady, I'm not sorry I had words with you.

I meant to post this at the same time as Horn, but I forgot.



MiniOwner said...

Great photo. I wonder who she is?
Sue x

Jennie Hart said...

Great photo, but what do you mean you are not sorry you had words with rude lady without telling us.

Full story please. NHM drama would be interesting to me :-) x