Saturday, 23 October 2010

Melman the Bus Driver

I'm still having mojo issues at the moment. I hope Baby Frankie will be crafty when s/he arrives, s/he's certainly sucking up all my craftiness!

Anyway, I have managed to do SOMETHING with the UKS weekly challenge each week this month. This is just a quickie shot of the current one using my iPhone. Spatter, numbers, ribbon and symbolism referencing the photo (giraffe print ribbon).

I've done it 8x8 as I have space in an 8x8 album.

I'm well aware it's not too good, but it's done!


susibee said...

I love that ribbon - I saw some ladies shoes the other day and from the back they looked like a giraffe - they had 2 heels lol!

Mini said...

Brilliant! Wish I could put together a page that quickly. Well done.
Sue x

Scribble Monster said...

I wish I was as good as you 'mojo-less' Laura, it's lovely x