Thursday, 30 September 2010

Book Lists

Decided to scrap the books that I read each month as 6x6 layouts. After I'd made the first one I thought it would be a good idea if they were all companion pieces to the Project 12 layouts. So, from February, they all match. I'm all out of January's papers anyway, so that wouldn't have matched anyway!

January's non-matchy layout is made from Cosmo Cricket and Sassafrass Lass.

I put a star by my favourite book each month.

June isn't an exact match either, but I've stuck with the tartan theme and used the Lewis Chessman.


susibee said...

How do you read so many books? Well, I know how to read, of course! I should have written, where do you find the time?

I reckon you'll enjoy looking back on this in the future.

Scribble Monster said...

This has worked so well laura, I love the way you have donw the mismatched pp, it does not look mismatched at all. Would you mind if I lifted the idea for myself to use for the books I read in a year! Jen x